“Walking”: A somewhat poetic summary

Henry David Thoreau, “Walking,” from the Thoreau Reader.  A somewhat poetic summary.


Words for Nature, absolute Freedom, and Wilderness.

Man as an inhabitant, part and parcel of nature.

Come sauntering: à la sainte terre.  Not idly or as a vagabond.

All the earth is our home; sitting idly in a house makes you a vagrant.

Come sauntering, as a crusade, reconquer this holy land from the infidels.

A faint-hearted crusade… but only if you are ready to leave all behind,


Then you will be ready for a walk. Continue reading ““Walking”: A somewhat poetic summary”

The Occupy Movement

Occupy Wall StreetI’m certain there’s a lot of things I could say about the Occupy Movements – the original Occupy Wall Street, and the subsequent occupancies around the world, including my local Toronto – but I’d like to be somewhat brief in my thoughts (pithy enough to be engaging and to keep your attention). Continue reading “The Occupy Movement”