Want some ethical shoes?

I suppose that shoes aren’t something we buy as often as groceries or coffee or tea, but they are something we invest a reasonable amount of money into.

nice… right?

The last pair of shoes I recall buying were my Adidas sneakers.  If I recall more correctly, my mom bought them for me and they probably cost around $60.

They’re nice: black suede, and orange rubber sole, and the classic 3-stripes in bright green-yellow — I like them.

But I don’t like things like this:

Indonesian factory workers producing clothes for the German sportswear giant Adidas are subject to forced overtime, physical abuse and poverty-line wages, the European parliament heard yesterday.

– The Guardian, Thursday 23 November 2000

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The Occupy Movement

Occupy Wall StreetI’m certain there’s a lot of things I could say about the Occupy Movements – the original Occupy Wall Street, and the subsequent occupancies around the world, including my local Toronto – but I’d like to be somewhat brief in my thoughts (pithy enough to be engaging and to keep your attention). Continue reading “The Occupy Movement”