The Rich DO have more rights!

They have more of a right to help those who are in need, suffering, and without resources.

They have more of a right to help the poor, homeless, and hungry.

They have more of a right to help stop violence, war, and genocide.

They have more of a right to help stop pollution and protect the environment.


They, we, do have more rights, don’t you think?


Message or comment to add what rights you think the wealthy are entitled to, and what you’re doing to help make our world a better place.  – I’ll add it to the list.


2 thoughts on “The Rich DO have more rights!

    • The title is meant to catch your attention, I intended on it being misleading.

      I am talking about different kinds of rights.
      I was specifically using the different meanings of the word to prove a point. Maybe I was too liberal and creative in my approach? I liked the play-on-words as it came to me.

      People are often offended when other people have more rights, be they social or legal, because of their assets.
      It is within the means of a wealthier person, because of their assets, to do right – something morally good, correct, just, or honourable, – like helping those in need.

      Where did I include poor people having rights in my statement – thereby invalidating my argument? If by the pronoun, “we”, you thought I meant to include myself as a poor person, then you would be incorrect. I assume that, we, the people with the means and ability to take time to read this post are rather affluent.

      Would you suggest a different title?
      Also, the wiki link is appreciated.

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